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The latest technological solutions and special personal protective equipment are a method to
re-open to the world while maintaining maximum safety, provided that we reach for products that are registered and tested for effectiveness. It is also important that they do not damage our skin or the surfaces on which they are applied. Such products can be found in our offer. All of them can be used in the context of development and fighting a pandemic. Importantly, anti-COVID19 disinfection is odourless and does not require excluding individual zones for more than a few minutes, so that the normal rhythm of work is not disturbed.


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Prophylaxis is the most effective and the cheapest solution, especially during an epidemiological threat. In order to provide ourselves and our loved ones with adequate protection, we should reach for safe, registered and tested products. Such products can be found in our offer. Anti-COVID19 is a new generation of alcohol-free antiviral agents used to disinfect skin, rooms and surfaces.

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