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Quantum water generators

Quantum water generators

Quantum generators allow, when the flow occurs, to activate tap water at the molecular level. Quantum water obtained in this way has unique antibacterial and antiviral properties. Quantum generators change its surface active functions, increase the ability to dissolve fats and other substances, and shorten the heating time. Quantum water is a barrier to legionella and is very helpful in keeping it clean on a daily basis. The quantum generator installed on the plumbing system does not require electricity and does not contain a filter medium.

Active hydrogen, which is rich in quantum water, is a much stronger antioxidant than vitamins C and E. It penetrates into places where other antioxidants supplied with food cannot reach – inside cells, where DNA damage that can result in various diseases occurs.

Quantum water is absorbed into the blood within 30 seconds, to the brain and genitals within 1 minute, to the skin within 10 minutes, to the liver, heart and kidneys within 20 minutes, to the entire body within 30 minutes. It can be used without age and quantity restrictions.

Quantum water:

Observed in those who drink quantum water regularly:

in lactating women

More protective antibodies in breast milk.

in the elderly

A significant improvement in the condition, stabilization or reduction of diabetes and diseases of old age.

in convalescent patients

A significant improvement in health and faster recovery.


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